They say timing is everything! Gina Schade came into my life at just the right time. Her Womens Business Mastermind was exactly what I needed to learn (1) about myself, (2) my strengths, and (3) the guidelines to help me succeed. Gina’s bubbly smile, upbeat personality, and kindness grabs you right from the start. She makes you look forward to your meetings. Once you get started, she doesn’t tell you what to do or how to do it. She helps you open your mind to achieve it yourself. Even better, she gives you thinking points to continue your journey. Joining her Mastermind group coaching program was one of my greatest decisions and I predict tha I will continue my journey with Gina as my coach, supporter, and friend
SharkFIT Fitness
Joining Gina’s Business Mastermind Group provided support, motivation and access to other women entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses. Gina did an incredible job facilitating our group by asking powerful questions and by providing valuable insight. During my group with Gina, I successfully planned and hosted my first women’s retreat, grew my 1:1 client roster and scheduled my first in person workshop. Having the support of Gina and the other women in the Mastermind Group helped me stay motivated and focused on my goals. I can’t emphasize enough how worthwhile this experience has been for me. I highly recommend joining Gina’s Mastermind!
Mindset and Empowerment Coach
Working with Gina as my business coach was such a wonderful experience. One special thing about Gina is she always makes you feel heard, seen and that what you are saying is important. Gina asks really great questions that I noticed always made me realize I needed to listen to my intuition. I had this overwhelming sense of coming back home to myself and an inner knowing that what I was searching for I always had the answer to. This was something I credit Gina for, she helped me rediscover this version of me. It was so powerful to work with her and it drastically gave me clear focus and execution in my business.
Healthy Lifestyle Coach
Working with Gina changed my life! There were so many areas in my life that I felt “halfheartedly” invested in but couldn’t seem to get control of them because it felt too overwhelming. I knew I wanted/needed to make changes but was not sure where to start! Sound familiar? Enter Gina. Once I started working with Gina, I knew my life was going to be changing after the FIRST session, and I was honestly excited to see where it was going! Gina is an exceptional listener and has an innate ability to assess situations presented to her. We discussed my challenges and worked together to find solutions. She is empathic and professional. Gina’s insightful approach and consistent encouragement helped me to feel empowered to move my objectives, values and goals in a forward trajectory. Sessions were aimed at being actionable and interactive, and I needed that. She kept me accountable with homework after each session and I felt supported in between sessions with her check ins. I always looked forward to our next life coaching session because I knew it was going to spark a fire under me for the next two weeks! I cannot recommend Gina’s coaching enough; it has been invaluable to me!
Before working with Gina I was feeling unfulfilled. The previous years were focused on family growth and a significant career change. These self-chosen changes left me questioning my identity in this new phase of life. Gina helped me prioritize my true desires and passions. She provided me with the tools to make big decisions surrounding my fulfillment. Through our time together, I have started a business following my passion, learned to prioritize decisions surrounding my health, and organize my schedule in a way that is reflective of my true priorities. Having Gina as a coach provided a much-needed accountability which allowed me to turn my dreams and visions for myself in to a reality. In 6 months, she has truly helped me achieve a more balanced and fulfilled life. Gina is incredibly attentive, compassionate, present, professional, focused and dedicated to helping you become your best self. I strongly encourage anyone considering a coaching program with Gina to do it. You won’t be disappointed!
Owner, Voices from the Heart
I've gained so much confidence through Gina's coaching process. I'm much more aware of my needs, desires, and why some areas of life are harder for me. Gina provided me comfort in knowing that I'm not alone, helped me navigate hard situations, and helped me to find the joy in life. Because of her guidance, I'm taking better care of my body, mind, and spirit.