Happy Clients

Read what Gina’s clients have to say about working with her and their experience with Beautycounter. You can experience this same enthusiasm about your skin too!

“I had never put much thought into the products I was using on my skin but chatting and listening to Gina has been eye-opening! Beautycounter’s products are not only safe for my skin but they work so well and provide exactly what I want and need in a product! I have not tried one product that I have not LOVED (and I have tried a lot)! Gina is always so incredibly knowledgeable and helpful and will help you find just the right products for your needs! Go ahead and treat yourself—you deserve to use safer products and you won’t be disappointed!”


“Earlier this year, I reached out to Gina for help with developing a good, safe skincare routine. For a while, I had been relying on make-up to even out my skin tone and cover-up blemishes. Although I knew the importance of taking care of my skin, I was not doing anything regularly and I had yet to try any products that seemed to make a noticeable enough difference for me to want to stick to a routine. 

When I explained to Gina my concerns and talked to her about my skin, she provided me with a thorough skincare plan, explaining why she was recommending each product. Specifically, I have been using Counter Control Clear Pore Cleanser regularly. I have to say this is one of my favorite products I have tried. Along with my skin feeling and clean and exfoliated, I really like the citrus smell of the cleanser. With my combination skin, I have been following up with the Adaptive Moisture lotion mixed with a few drops of the No.1 Brightening Facial Oil. It truthfully leaves my skin feeling good, clean, and hydrated.  In addition, I have utilized both the No.3 Balancing Facial Mask and Overnight Resurfacing Peel, and I have definitely noticed an improvement in my skin. I love knowing the products I am using are safe and not full of questionable ingredients.”


“While consciously wanting to make a change to become healthier in all aspects of our family, we needed to find a company that prides itself on those same objectives. I’ve known Gina for many, many years and I would try anything she puts her name behind. She truly cares about people and researches, doing the hard work for all of us to become healthier. When she announced her Beautycounter business, I was so excited. I have found this company to be everything and more that my family needed for safer personal care products.

Myself, along with my daughter and husband, have all found products we love! Specifically for me, the Countercontrol line along with the Overnight Resurfacing Peel has made my skin feel the best it has in years. Using the Flawless in Five makeup set has changed my outlook on makeup and has made me feel womanly and beautiful again. Which face it, at 40 is priceless.

My daughter has very sensitive skin and would regularly breakout from even organic store bought products. When we switched to the Beautycounter kids line she hasn’t had a problem since. We also love the sunscreen for her daily outdoor play. Great protection without any harmful toxins to worry about.

For my husband, he has to shave regularly for his job and this can be a painful process for him. With Beautycounter’s men’s shave line, his skin has drastically improved with regular shaving. His redness and pain afterwards is non-existent now. It’s been life changing for him.

I am so thankful for this company, their products and Gina’s help!”


“I’m quickly becoming a Beauty Counter addict. Everything I try ends up being my new favorite! Gina is so thorough in explaining the benefits of each product and finding the right fit for each person. I’ve seen improved complexion and clearer skin thanks to the Counter Control line and the Cleansing Balm is like a magical unicorn that does it all. I love that the products are high quality and last a long time. It feels good knowing I’m putting something safe on my kids skin as well as my own.”