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For my 33rd birthday, I made the decision to sign up with wellness coach and friend, Gina Schade, to help me with the weight loss plateau I had hit. I had told her I wanted to lose at least 10-15 more pounds but more importantly I wanted to FEEL better. I wanted to make healthier choices and become more active. Well, today was my last session with her. I have lost 11 pounds but most importantly I FEEL so great! I am now nourishing my body with healthy choices and exercising regularly. It is amazing how fueling your body properly can also fuel your soul. It was also through her encouragement to make sure everything was “working properly within” that I found out I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, as well as, a vitamin D and iron deficiency. This explains the difficulty I had losing weight, my low energy, insomnia, and the general sluggish feeling I had dealt with for far too long. I truly can’t thank her enough for her education and encouragement. Hands down, the best birthday gift I ever gave myself! I would highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to take control of their health. Thank you again Gina, you’re the best!

Niles, MI

Thank you for this wonderful journey. You helped me to make small changes week by week that are now part of my daily life. Over the course of the program, I have been able to reverse my sleep apnea, follow an anti-inflammatory diet, and can now comfortably fit into my clothing. I also have more energy, joy, and happiness in my life. My husband has also benefited from my healthy lifestyle! I will be forever grateful to you for all the changes you helped me to make.

Niles, MI

I have known Gina for many years and followed her blog since she started it. Recently, when I realized I was going down the wrong path with my health and was insecure in my own skin, I knew it was time to sit down with her and make a plan. In three short months, Gina has not only taught me which foods I should be eating and why, but also how to stay positive and respect my body. I am eternally grateful for the help Gina has given me and recommend her program to anyone needing guidance on their wellness journey. Thank you Gina!

South Bend, IN

Upon finishing my 6 Month Private Wellness Coaching Program with Gina, my feelings are bittersweet. She has helped me transform my life and for that I will always be grateful. While I will miss her at my scheduled biweekly coaching visits, she has prepared me to spread my wings and fly away from the nest! Initially, my mindset was simply about weight loss. As you can see in my before and after pictures, I did just that! But, my transformation on the inside was so much more! I have achieved overall wellness with Gina’s help. After my initial visit, I realized that my life was not in balance. I began to understand that my weight issues were only a part of my total wellbeing. Over the past 6 months, I lost weight, strengthened, firmed and toned my body, but also became a woman with inner-confidence and self-worth. Physically, I lost more than 2 dress sizes, have improved my lab results and blood pressure to perfect, reduced sugar, eliminated cravings, increased my energy, and have flattened my tummy. I have received compliments from my husband, friends, and co-workers. With Gina’s constant encouragement, I have connected with positive women in my community. I work out almost exclusively at B Present Barre Studio, where I’m not only challenged physically, but spiritually as well. Great things happen there—women support women! I have become more connected in my faith by volunteering at church, meditating, praying, and journaling—I even joined a women’s Bible Study group. Through all of these things, I feel much more open and vulnerable. I’ve forgiven and released the chains that have tortured me for more than 30 years of my life. I truly feel free! I am now feeding my spirit instead of my belly!

South Bend, IN

As I look back over the past 6 months, I am amazed at how my life has positively transformed. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since the beginning of my 6 Month Private Wellness Coaching Program is my approach to food—food has become my medicine! Through Gina’s facilitation, I am proud to share that I now eat real, whole foods that have helped me to reduce inflammation in my body. Prior to the program it was painful to walk on the beach, walk my dogs, go up and down stairs, and even get in and out of the car after a long drive. I no longer experience pain doing any of those things! Previously, I was on medication for high blood pressure, anxiety, and fibromyalgia. I am proud to say that I am off ALL of my medications, have perfect blood work, more energy, lost 15 lbs., and have a leaner and stronger body—with which I can enjoy my life! Gina has helped me to correct some negative mindset habits that I had in my life as well. I used to weigh myself daily and beat myself up, yes daily, about what the scale said, what I did or didn’t do that week, and more. I no longer do any of that! I now listen to my body, observe how clothes fit, and focus on the positive things that I do. Gina, thank you for bringing joy to me and my family. I am forever grateful.

Granger, IN

I wanted to join the 6 Month Private Wellness Coaching Program to address the weight gain I experienced over the past 2 years. Gina’s approach is gentle and realistic. Setting bi-weekly “smaller” goals was a perfect means for achieving my major “big-picture” goals. The length of the program allowed me to gradually move in the right direction without feeling like I failed when I had setbacks. Rather than an all-or-nothing approach, Gina helps you set a realistic approach to incorporating treats into your lifestyle. This made it easier for me to mentally accept the dietary changes she recommended. This was not a fad diet where one quickly loses weight and gains it back; Gina’s plan provided me with a blueprint of how to successfully remain healthy moving forward on my own. I have been surprised by how bloated and puffy I was at the beginning of the program compared to now. Besides losing weight, I’ve noticed my hands and feet have shrunk in size. I attribute this to a significant decrease in inflammation. I did not realize how inflamed my body was until I worked through this program. I am much more confident that I have control over my personal health. I know I now have the tools and education that I need in order to keep myself feeling well and healthy! Thank you!

Granger, IN

I wanted to work with a wellness coach to improve my overall lifestyle. My program goals included improving my eating habits, making better food selections, understanding how to build a healthy diet, and weight loss. Gina helped me to reach my goals by encouraging me to take small steps, week by week, over the course of my program. I was able to change my entire food lifestyle and lost 20 lbs. in the process. I would recommend Gina’s services to family and friends. Now that I have a healthy diet and a consistent exercise routine I feel so much better and have less stress in my life.

Granger, IN

Gina is incredible! She combines empathetic listening skills with an uncanny ability to help you figure out what it is that is holding you back from a balanced and healthy lifestyle. She encourages you to ask yourself the tough questions and is there to help you figure out the answers. Her patience and support help you achieve what you could not achieve on your own. Gina was able to focus on what was most important to me, ask revealing and insightful questions that helped me form a plan that worked for me. I never felt anything but support and meaningful guidance during our sessions and this guidance makes it easier and more doable on a personal level. I would highly recommend her!

Granger, IN

After developing high blood pressure and gestational diabetes with my firsts two pregnancies, I decided I wanted the pregnancy of my third child to be different. At approximately the 12th week of my pregnancies, I am put on a moderate bed rest due to prior complications. This makes it really easy to gain weight and get discouraged. I have participated in a number of different diets and talked to multiple nutritionists over the years. I know what I am supposed to do, but needed someone to walk alongside of me as I figured out how to incorporate these recommendations into my ever-changing lifestyle. Gina does just this; she is a true wellness coach. Instead of just giving you information and telling you what to change, Gina listens, walks beside you, and helps you integrate the information into your life. I began meeting with Gina near the end of my first trimester. Being a picky eater and not being able to exercise threw some good challenges her way, but she worked with me to develop meals that worked for me and my family. She customized everything to our personal situation. Instead of making major changes all at once, we gradually made changes that were easy to live with and stick to along the way. I also gained a lot of valuable knowledge about the way our world prepares, markets, and distributes our food supply. As I complete my 6 month journey with Gina, I am happy to say that for most of my pregnancy, I had remarkable blood pressure readings and managed to only gain 10 pounds. I also have recovered from my pregnancy much quicker than my first two. I was in my pre-pregnancy clothes a few days after having the baby. I owe this all to eating correctly and having Gina’s support. I feel I have more knowledge and resources now to keep going on this healthy journey. I confidently recommend Gina to anyone looking to make changes in their life. She will guide and encourage you every step of the way!

South Bend, IN

Before working with Gina, I was discouraged with myself. I had gained a lot of weight, felt sluggish, was eating poorly, and not putting effort into taking care of myself. I wanted to make changes, but didn’t know how to begin on my own. Gina made it so easy to get started. She broke everything down into small steps that were doable and within two weeks I knew I was going to be successful. She was encouraging and said what I needed to hear, which basically was, “YES, YOU CAN.” I went from going through a drive-thru a few times a week and eating processed, already prepared foods to making my own healthy meals at home. My portions have decreased, I feel satisfied with my meals, and I actually enjoy meal prep and grocery shopping now! I have started a new exercise routine that includes B Present barre classes, spinning, walking, and running. I participated in my first ever 5K in September, a Turkey Trot over Thanksgiving, and can now plank! Her one step at a time goal setting approach made it easy. She taught me healthy cooking doesn’t have to be complicated. Now that I am giving my body what it needs, I feel more positive about myself, my work, my home, and my health. Working with Gina is not all about diet and exercise, it’s a life makeover. With Gina’s insight, incredible encouragement, knowledge, and support, you too will be able to make small and large healthy habit changes, that will carry over into all aspects of your life.

Buchanan, MI

Words alone cannot THANK YOU for the new lease on life you have given me! As I explained to you when we first met, the worry about my weight used to consume me. I never felt good about myself and didn’t have the courage to try to change the situation. Within the first couple weeks (days really!) of incorporating the small, very-doable changes into my lifestyle, I began to feel better. Feeling better gave me the incentive to make even bigger changes like trying new foods and group classes at B Present Studio. Before I knew it, I was losing weight and feeling great! I will never go back to the person I was before I met you. You inspired me, motivated me, and kept me accountable! You are an excellent coach and a great friend! I feel like I could talk to you about anything and know that you would give me your honest, ever-so-positive, opinion. When I look back at the goals we set at our first meeting and I see that I achieved ALL of them, I am blown away! I look forward to creating more goals and to seeing where the next 6 months take me.

Osceola, IN

Six months ago, my husband and I began what would become a new way of life. We both wanted to lose weight, start exercising, and eat healthier. We both have achieved what we set out to do: lose weight, create a consistent exercise routine, and have fun cooking healthy, delicious food together in the kitchen. We owe much of our success to Gina. Anyone can go on a diet. There are millions of programs and books out there. The difference between those programs and working with Gina, is Gina helps you change your entire life. She taught us how to feel better about ourselves and helped us to celebrate small successes. She motivated us, but at the same time, understands the every day struggles of real life. She taught us about the 90/10, and let us know it was ok to enjoy small indulgences. I could write forever about the past six months, but to sum it up, because of Gina we didn’t give, and we are going to keep moving forward with our new lifestyle. If you are the least bit interested in changing your lifestyle to a healthier one, take the time to talk to Gina. I promise you won’t regret it.

Debbie & Todd
Elkhart, IN

What I would love to say to anyone and everyone that feels as hopeless as I felt in the beginning is, it can be done! It is possible! Gina Schade is this adorable, spunky, little ball of sunshine with an amazing laugh that will change your life! Gina genuinely wants to help! She will break it down for you, into small, easy steps. Making it possible! No counting of anything! Just good, clean food! And although at first it may seem overwhelming, it all comes together. And before you even realize it, you’re doing it! Gina taught me that you don’t have to have everything figured out to start. One or two small changes at a time. The coaching, the food, and the changes you’ll make are completely worth the program investment and more! Within the first month of my program, my family cut our eating out expense in half. Not to mention, I didn’t realize how bad I felt until I started to feel good! It’s amazing what good, clean food will do to your energy level! I am ending my 6 month program down 30 lbs. and with a completely new lifestyle, but this is only the beginning! I didn’t come this far, to only come this far. I feel confident I can and will take everything I have learned over the past 6 months and continue to move forward in my health and wellness journey on my own!

Mom of 2 Beautiful Little Girls
South Bend, IN

I’ve always wanted to try working with a Wellness Coach and knew Gina would be a good fit. Sure enough, we worked well together from the beginning to end. She worked with me to slowly cut sugar from my life and in turn my cravings subsided. She helped me to gain self-control by replacing my bad habits with good ones. By getting rid of foods that were not serving me and adding in healthier options, I have lost weight, feel healthier, and have better life balance. She had the knowledge both spoken and written to help me achieve my goals. Gina is well organized, helps you stay on track, and makes you accountable. She teaches you how to heal yourself with food. She is always there with encouragement, laughter, and the tools necessary to achieve your goals. Gina is a breathe of fresh air and she definitely went above and beyond.

South Bend, IN

I was on medication for high blood pressure, anxiety, and fibromyalgia and I am proud to say that I am off ALL of my medications, have perfect blood work, more energy, lost 15 lbs., and have a leaner and stronger body—with which I can enjoy my life! Gina has helped me to correct …


South Bend, IN

Best coach ever! Gina is so amazing at what she does and is truly inspirational! I have learned so much and thus feel confident moving forward and continuing on with the tools I have learned! I feel like a whole new person and have never been happier!

Kelly | Indianapolis, IN

Nutrition isn’t the only thing Gina can help you with! She believes in being happy in all aspects of your life and teaches you how to create a proper balance! My personal life and career have completely taken off since working with Gina. She has equipped me with the tools I need to run a successful business while still maintaining a happy balance in my personal life. I used to get really overwhelmed when it came time to start promoting my business, which left me feeling very stressed. I noticed my personal relationships were suffering because of it. Within a few short weeks of working with Gina things really turned around, and I began to feel proud and accomplished. My business is doing great and I’m so thankful for the amazing balance I now have in my life.

Natalie | Massachusetts

Having a career, being a wife, and being a mom is rewarding but can be overwhelming. On top of a hectic schedule, I recently moved all the way across the country with my family. With all of these life changes I wanted to remain grounded and focus on my family and health. From the moment I met Gina we have had a strong bond between us. As I listened to Gina talk about her passion for a healthy lifestyle, share helpful hints about eating, and dine with her over the years, I couldn’t help but want to work with her. Gina is passionate about everything she does and it is simply contagious. Hiring her as my wellness coach is a decision I will never regret. It was through her bi-weekly check ins, motivational notes and knowledge sharing that I remained focused on myself, first, during some major life changes. Not only has Gina been an inspiration through her teachings, she has also played a major role in keeping me grounded in my hectic daily life. So, yes, I am losing weight, focused on my health and have better balance in my daily routine. But most importantly, I have a dear friend, Gina, who reminded of what is and always will be most important: me.

Heather | California

About a year ago, I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, migraines, and high blood pressure and was prescribed nine different medications to take daily. I decided that I needed to take care of my health if I wanted to be around for my daughter, so I met with Gina in December 2014 for an initial session. We discussed what goals I had in mind and how she could help me reach those goals. I decided that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, so I took the plunge and started a month private coaching program in January 2015 with her. My #1 goal was to lose weight and start being healthy so I started off by making small changes in my diet. I’ve always failed at other programs I’ve done when trying to lose weight and by following Gina’s recommendations, I completely understand why—I wasn’t eating the right kinds of food for my body! Since everyone’s body responds differently, Gina helped me realize what I needed to fuel MY body properly. I have since incorporated more whole foods and have eliminated much of the refined sugar and processed foods I was eating. I no longer crave bad foods! Month after month, I continued making small changes—stopped eating fast food all together, brought my lunches and snacks to work instead of eating out, made healthy dinners for my daughter and I, and started physical activity. The weight came off, my confidence has gotten stronger, and my migraines are almost completely gone! As I continue to move forward in my weight loss journey, I know that it will only continue to get better and better! At the beginning, I only focused on changing my body, but now that my program has come to an end, I realize Gina has helped me with much more than that—she’s helped me with my body and mind. So if you are at that point in your life where you want to make a change to your health and make it a priority in your life, I highly recommend working with Gina! She has helped with so many different aspects of my life that I didn’t know would change once I started. But one thing is for sure….. I couldn’t have done any of this without her!

Megan | Indiana


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