Glow First Priming Serum

Meet Beautycounter’s Glow First Priming Serum! A true hybrid!

This potent skin-loving gel serum has complexion-improving results of a serum with the makeup-extending power of a primer!

It is designed for use with or without makeup!

Typical primers use silicones to block pores. Not only are silicones linked to reproductive and developmental toxicity, but they can cause your pores to stretch over time.

Instead of an occlusive formula, Beautycounter has created a lightweight, breathable gel-serum that actually supports and protects skin while extending makeup wear.

We use a Microdroplet Technology to deliver the skin-loving ingredients. In simple terms, as soon as the formula hits your skin, you’ll feel an instant burst of hydration and your skin will look smoother, plumper and more luminous!

This technology creates a glowy complexion that’s beautiful on its own or provides a great canvas for makeup!

Beyond our primer meeting our strict safety standards, its ingredients are sourced from suppliers who align with our ethics, has sustainable packaging and is EWG Verified.

This product is for you if:

  • You’d like smoother, plumper and more luminous skin
  • You’d like your makeup to appear smoother
  • You’d like to extend the wear of your makeup
  • You’d prefer your primer not to stretch your pores

Glow First Priming Serum should be used in the last step of your skincare routine (after SPF application) and before the first step of your makeup application (if you choose to apply makeup).

This is one of my favorite Beautycounter products! I notice an instant difference in my skin after application and I’ve received positive comments on my skin and makeup since incorporating it! It’s a must-have! I tried to capture the “glow” from the priming serum in the picture below!

You can learn more about the product here!

I also do one-on-one skin and makeup consultations if you’d like personalized help! You can email me to set up an appointment or learn more here.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

PS. If you try the Glow First Priming Serum and love it, come back to this post and tell me all about it in the comments!

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