Vitamins + Supplements for Kids!

As our kiddos are transitioning back to school, I thought it would be a great time to talk about vitamins and supplements!

A mostly healthy diet, physical activity and emotional wellness are keys to overall health, but vitamins and supplements are tools that we can use to fill in potential nutritional gaps for our kids!

Disclaimer: The following is not medical advice, please consult your doctor before beginning a vitamin or supplement regimen for you or your kids. This is simply what has worked our kids and their specific health needs!

For my boys, I choose to start with a multi-vitamin and then layer on an omega-3 and probiotic supplement!

With all vitamins and supplements, it’s best to avoid added sugar and preservatives! Many vitamins have the equivalent of 1/2-1 teaspoon of sugar per serving!

I like the brand Hiya for multi-vitamins!

Hiya doesn’t contain added sugar or junky ingredients and their vitamin profile includes vitamin D and the methylated forms of folate and B12 (all things I look for). Vitamin D is crucial for overall immunity and about 1/2 the population is deficient in it! Folate and B12 are important for cellular growth and energy. The methylated versions are the active forms and easier for your body to use!

Besides the nutrition, I like that they’re made in the USA and sustainable (comes in a glass bottle with plastic-free refill pouches)! Plus, my kids actually like them!

My good friend Katy is the one that turned me onto this brand! Another great option is Ritual!

For omega-3’s, I like the Nordic Naturals brand! Omega-3’s are really important for overall health (including brain health).

Omega-3’s (EPA/DHA) are considered essential fatty acids. This means that your body cannot synthesize them and you have to acquire them through food or supplements!

Omega 3’s aren’t highly prevalent in the foods my boys eat day-to-day so I like knowing they’re being supplemented with them!

They LOVE LOVE LOVE these “fishies.” They literally ask for them and have a song they sing when they eat them…”Fishie, fishie la la la.”

Lastly, I give them Mary Ruth’s Liquid Probiotic!

Up to 80% of our immune system is found in our gut! Probiotics are strains of bacteria that keep your gut healthy, happy and strong!

While probiotics are found in certain fermented foods, I like to give my boys back up to make sure their gut flora stays balanced!

Mary Ruth’s liquid probiotic is easy to use and they never detect the taste! I simply put the drops into their water bottles at the start of each day!

To recap, here’s the quick and dirty list:

  • Hiya multi-vitamin
  • Nordic Naturals Omega-3’s (EPA/DHA)
  • Mary Ruth’s Liquid Probiotic

I hope this is helpful information for you and I’m happy to answer questions!

Keep in mind, this is what has worked for my boys but is not the only way!

As always, I enjoy walking alongside you as we both take positive steps in our health journeys!

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