Easy + Healthy Travel Snacks

What fun is a plane ride without a snack, right?! I mean hey, you gotta have something to go along with your Chardonnay. For real though, it is essential to have healthy snacks packed before you take off on a travel day, regardless of whether you are traveling by car or plane.

Traveling can bring about the unexpected–flight delays, unappetizing dining options, closures, traffic jams, etc. When you have healthy snacks packed, they can help get you from one meal to the next without having to opt for junky fast food or gas station options. They can even stand-in as a meal when necessary. The options below work for both adults and children!

The main criteria: non-perishable, real food ingredients, no junky oils, artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals.

Single Serving Nut Butters. (I like Justin’s brand because they offer varieties without any added sugar.)

Homemade Trail Mix. (Mostly nuts and seeds, goji berries, dried banana chips, coconut and cacao nibs.)

RxBars, Larabar Nut and Seed Bars or Health Warrior Pumpkin Seed Bars.

Single Serving Tuna Pouches. (Sorry travel mates.)

Jerky. (I like Lorissa’s Kitchen, Paleovalley and Epic brands.)

Portable Fruit.* (Apples, oranges, bananas, etc.)

Roasted Chickpeas. (I like Simply Balanced or Saffron Road.)

Plantain Chips.* (I like Terra brand.)

Vital Proteins Collagen. (I travel with the single servings–I mix it into coffee or other liquids.)

Nuts or Seeds.

Applesauce Pouches.* (I like Kirkland’s Organic brand.)

Applechips.* (I like Bare brand.)


*For best blood sugar control, pair these options with a protein or fat like jerky or nuts.

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Have a favorite travel snack? Make sure you let me know below!



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