Safer Skincare Launch

I am excited to share that I have joined Beautycounter’s mission of getting safer skincare, makeup, and personal care products into the hands of everyone.

As a health coach, I work with clients daily to help them create healthy food and lifestyle habits. Seeing as that our skin is our largest organ, I would be remiss if I didn’t say that what you put onto your body can be just as important as what you put into your body.

When I choose my own beauty products, two things are important to me: 1. how safe the products are and 2. how well they perform.

Beautycounter’s products meet both of these needs for me. All of their product ingredients go through a rigorous testing model to ensure they are safe. Beyond the safety aspect, they contain active ingredients that deliver high performance results. 

Before using Beautycounter, I was using mostly safe products, but they weren’t necessarily enhancing my skin. I was basically just rubbing organic oil on my face! Since I have started using Beautycounter, I have noticed an improvement in brightness and texture–I attribute this to the active ingredients. (I use to get clogged pores, bump, and little whiteheads.)

I have used Beautycounter for over a year (first their makeup, then their skincare) and it has been a natural progression for me to join forces with them. The more I learned about their mission, the more I wanted to represent the company and what they stand for. 

Did you know the U.S. has not passed a major federal law regulating the cosmetic industry since 1938? As a result, the US has only banned or restricted 30 ingredients. (Canada has banned nearly 600. The EU, by contrast, has banned roughly 1,400.)

Beautycounter prohibits the use of 1,500+ questionable or harmful ingredients–this is called their “Never List.” They strive to source their ingredients from sustainable, non-GMO suppliers, and they are 100% transparent about what is in their product formulas. You can even find a complete ingredient glossary here. They are also a certified B corp (business model that balances purpose and profit) which is no easy feat!

Some of my absolute favorite products are the tint skin foundation, bronzer, charcoal bar, and cleansing balm

I have been going through extensive training on all of the products and how I can best help clients find their “perfect products” based on skin type, needs, and desired outcomes. 

I will continually be sharing what I learn. If you want to follow along, I would encourage you to join my Safer Skincare with Gina Schade + Beauty Counter Facebook Group. This is where I will be educating, sharing product information, and showing my behind the scenes beauty routine.

You can also check out the entire Beautycounter line at or find a link to it in the shop section of my website. 

I would be happy to schedule one on one time with you (in person or by phone) to answer questions or help guide you in finding the appropriate products to help you achieve your skin and beauty goals. You are welcome to email me at or use the contact form on my website.

Everyone deserves safer skincare, makeup, and personal care items. I am so happy I can help be a voice in that mission! 


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