First vs. Second Pregnancy

No two pregnancies are the same, right? This has been true for me so far! I wish I would have documented things like belly measurements, weekly pictures, symptoms, and cravings a little bit better the first time around, but at the time, it felt like partaking in such pleasures would jinx my pregnancy. Looking back, that feels silly but I truly felt that way at the time. Even without detailed documentation, it is pretty easy for me to remember how I felt overall and it has been fun to compare notes to my current pregnancy. Here are the major similarities and difference so far:

Similar Cravings – They (whoever “they” is) say you are more likely to crave salt or protein if you are having a boy and sugar or carbs if you are having a girl. That has pretty much been right on the money for me with both pregnancies. (Both boys, btw.) Pregnant or not, I love to indulge in something sweet as much as anyone else, but I generally have been craving protein and fat-filled foods like eggs, red meat, cheese, and avocado. Can’t stop, won’t stop with the open-face sandwich combination of 1/2 Ezekiel English muffin, pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayonnaise, egg, and avocado. You guys, it is delicious–please try it.

Pop, Pop, Poppin’ – One of the major differences I have noticed this time around is that I have “popped” WAY earlier! I guess when you only give your body a 6-7 month break in between pregnancies it doesn’t take long for it to remember how to do adjust to a growing human in your belly. I don’t mind the poppin’ though–I think it is better than the “in-between stage” when people aren’t sure if you are pregnant or just have been eating really good! Plus, it’s daily confirmation that yes, we have been blessed with another human to raise and he is in fact growing in there. 🙂

Less Anxiety – I don’t know if it is because I am constantly chasing around an 11 month old or 24 weeks pregnant and busy growing a human, but I don’t have as much time to dwell on my pregnancy this time around. With the first, I was analyzing, Googling, and worrying about every single little thing. Looking back, it was exhausting! I am not sure how Cody stayed sane around me (or did he?). This time, I have been able to let go of the constant worry that I felt before. If I ever feel it creeping in, I politely remind myself that the baby is moving, our checkups are going well, and there is not a factual reason for me to worry, so let it go.

More Anxiety – I have less anxiety about my current state (see above) but am feeling more anxious about what the future will bring. You know, like wondering how in the heck I am going to manage two little guys come January? I am trying to mentally prepare myself for what it will be like, but if I learned one lesson the first time around, it is that you can’t prepare for motherhood. Sure, you can read all the books you want, but they pretty much get thrown out the window on Day 1 when real life with a new baby at home sets in. So, my “plan” is going to consist of relying on family and friends for help, asking for help when needed (no shame), giving myself a grace period of at least six months to adjust to our “new normal,” and stay in open communication with Cody and my inner circle about how I feel physically and mentally. One of my favorite sayings that I have been focusing on is, “If God brought you to it, He will bring you through it.”

Equal Excitement – Anxiety about the future aside, I am so excited to bring another life into this world. I can’t even fully imagine what it will be like to see my boys interact with each other, become friends, and grow up together. Is there anything better? I doubt it. Side note: I am going to close my eyes and pretend they will always be perfect angels and there will not be any moments of fighting, yelling, or picking on each other.

Less Nursery Prep – With Bode, I spent an embarrassingly high number of hours researching cribs, mattresses, bottles (omg, why are bottles so hard to figure out), carriers, and all of the other “baby things” you need. Sense the sarcasm is the word need? I literally had notes upon notes written out. With this one, I am like meh, we will just grab a few essentials like new nipples, a mattress pad, and some sheets and call it a day. Ok, so maybe that is exaggerating a little–I have picked up a few cute pictures and baskets for the nursery, but it is just that I now understand that the love you wrap your child in is way more important than any size, color, of fabric of a blanket could ever be.

More Caffeine – With the first pregnancy, I was a pretty straight stickler about no to very limited caffeine. Now, I am trying to figure out what all caffeinated beverages I can drink throughout the day that will keep a pep in my step without putting me over the recommended 200 mg caffeine per day limit. You guys, my weakness for Starbucks is redic. I feel like my day is not complete without my grande coffee (1/2 decaf, 1/2 regular, a splash of half and half, and a sprinkle of cinnamon). 11 month old + 24 weeks pregnant + life = no shame in my Starbucks game. I am convinced my daily Starbucks makes me a better mom. Whatever works, right?

What about you moms out there? What do you feel like were the biggest differences between your first and second pregnancies? I would love to hear your take on it! Leave a comment below.

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