You Know You’re a Mom When…

I have caught myself in a few situations that I can only describe as “mommy moments.” I have been keeping a “You Know Your a Mom When” list in my phone. It is getting too long not to share. I am scared to think what I will be able to tack onto this list as Bode continues to grow. What can you add to the list? Leave your own “mommy moments” in the comments section below. I would love to read about the funny things motherhood has caused you to do, say, or think!

You Know You’re a Mom When…

  1. You find yourself eating breakfast in the bathroom because your baby is asleep in the Rock ‘n Play and you don’t want to wake him.
  2. You consider your day a success when you can find time to shower, poop, complete a load of laundry, and cook dinner–not all at the same time, of course. 
  3. Your schedule is no longer your schedule.
  4. Your Starbucks order went from a Tall to a Venti.
  5. You wonder how the smallest person in your household can create the most amount of laundry.
  6. You can’t remember if you brushed your teeth or not. In my defense, this one was limited to the first two weeks or so… 🙂
  7. Someone finally likes your singing.
  8. You figure out how to run your household solely from items purchased at Target.
  9. Mall walking (stroller pushing) becomes your new favorite form of exercise.
  10. You have a sitter and you can’t decide if you should go out or stay home and sleep.
  11. You now go to bed before 8:00 pm.
  12. You can’t decide if coffee, wine, ice cream, or sleep is what you need.
  13. You have a new found respect for your own parents.
  14. You don’t know how people did it without bottle warmers, mamaRoos (Thank you Courtney for letting us borrow Sawyer’s!), and pacifiers.
  15. You buy a book with the intention of reading it but in reality, it becomes a table decoration.
  16. You become multi-talented: You can eat dinner standing up, rock your baby, and rub your dog with your foot all at the same time.
  17. When your mom or mother-in-law offers to be “on-call” with the baby all night you consider it equivalent to winning the lottery.
  18. You experience a feeling of love that you never knew was possible until you held your little one in your arms.
  19. You wouldn’t change any of the above.

Life has been an adventure the past few months and I know it is just the beginning. Although my world has turned upside down, I wouldn’t change it for anything. When I catch myself in these “mommy moments,” I thank God I have the opportunity to experience them.

Here are some “real life” mommy photos from my phone. No makeup, no shower, no professional touch-ups–just the real thang.

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