Life Update plus Nursery Pictures

Life has been crazy (in a good way) lately. All of the craziness has made it a little hard to keep up with blogging but I couldn’t resist sharing some snippets of what has been going on in my life. These are the things I would share if we were sitting across from each other at Starbucks enjoying PSLs and catching up on real life.

We recently moved and are finally feeling settled. I was anxious about the timing but am so glad we did it when we did. We had friends and family help us unload boxes, clean, organize, etc. I don’t even know how we would have done it without all of the help we had. I am so thankful for everyone. Once we were in the house, I couldn’t sit still until everything was put away and organized. It took a few weeks, but it has finally come together and feels so cozy, comfortable, livable, and like home. We love it. It has also given me a reason to browse every single section at Target multiple times. Sorry Cody, not sorry. 🙂


Magic is settling in nicely too.


We finished the nursery. Yay! We went with an outdoors/camping/adventure type of theme. The colors are gray and navy with touches of turquoise, orange, white, and yellow. Just being in the room makes me happy. I am pretty sure Magic thinks it’s his playroom. He likes to grab toys from the bins and jump on the chair. He is going to be in for a rude awakening but I know he is going to love his little brother.

Most of our decorations are from Hobby Lobby but the bottom left picture in the collage was handmade by my Aunt Sue.

This sign was given to us by my friend Fay. I absolutely love it and it is 100% true. We thank God everyday for our blessing. For those of you who are stilling waiting for your miracle, please don’t ever lose hope. With God, all things are possible.

This book rack was actually a wine rack I bought for Cody last year Up North but it totally works for books. Talk about repurposing things!

As discussed in a previous post, I haven’t had too many off-the-wall cravings but there have been a few specific things this last month that have sounded too good to pass up. When I say “too good to pass up” it was more like I had to drive to the store RIGHT THEN (let’s be honest, I sent Cody to the store), make my purchases, and come home and eat them immediately. All I have to say is thank God Martin’s had taco dip and brownies when I wanted them, otherwise someone would have gotten an earful from a hormonal pregnant woman. I have also noticed that I can’t get enough Mexican or Italian food lately, but that is pretty normal for me anyways.

Peeing, peeing, and more peeing. I can’t stop peeing. I am up every few hours at night to do it! As far as other symptoms, I haven’t experienced too many. I have noticed more pressure on my bladder/pelvic area (obvious by all the peeing) and a few normal life things are getting harder like getting dressed, bending over, and shaving my legs. I have tried to stay as active as possible by walking and attending barre classes–I firmly believe this has helped reduce pregnancy-related symptoms and has helped me to feel good, strong, and mentally stable. 🙂 Here is a selfie from a few weeks back.

The first few weeks after moving I slacked a lot on cooking. I didn’t have the energy but luckily Amy’s meals, my mom’s cooking, and healthy takeout saved the day dinner. I have finally been back in my groove and am all about pumpkin, squash, sweet potatoes, and cinnamon everything. Fall flavors have been taking over! I recently shared a recipe on Instagram for a Pumpkin Sausage Pasta. See recipe here.

I am just finishing up a 21 Day Transformation group program today. It has been an awesome group and I have seen the ladies make so many positive changes over the course of the program including cooking more meals for their family, trying new foods, meal planning, reducing sugar, removing inflammatory ingredients, losing weight, gaining energy, and feeling more confident. I am so proud of everyone who took part in the program.

I have also been working on putting the finishing touches on a new meal plan for the January 2017 21 Day Transformation program. I am so excited about it–I think it is the best one yet!

For those interested in working with me privately, I am now booking B Well Initial Sessions for January 2017. Please email me at for my availability and openings. Spaces are already becoming limited for January but let’s talk about squeezing you in or starting you in February.

The small group I am a part of recently started a new Joyce Meyer’s book called How to Hear From God and I am really enjoying it! I resonate with Joyce and the way she delivers her messages. Beyond the book itself, the group of ladies I have the pleasure of meeting with every Tuesday are so raw, real, and inspiring. It is one of the highlights of my week. I always leave our meetings feeling uplifted. I am so glad God put it on my friend’s heart to start this group over a year ago.

I also recommend the book Present Over Perfect. It is an inspiring read that encourages you take a look deep into your soul and analyze what is truly important to you. It will inspire you to make changes in your day to day in a way that allows you to spend more time with the people you love or doing the things that are important and energizing to you.

Well, I think that about wraps it up! We have our last shower today and we are looking forward to spending time with family and friends. I am also looking forward to packing my hospital bag this week and getting some of the baby’s bedding and clothing washed. Any must-haves for the hospital bag?! Comment below, if so.

6 thoughts on “Life Update plus Nursery Pictures”

  1. My favorite picture is the one of the sign over the nursery! Such truth!
    Hospital packing: boppy, comfy clothes (you don’t have to stay in that aweful gown after baby comes), swaddling blanket, nursing bras

  2. Old underwear that you don’t mind getting blood on. I ended up having an emergency c-section and had my sister get extra big underwear because of the incision. My husband and I didn’t plan on the c-section so overplan! Comfy big shirts or gowns would be helpful as well. I tried breastfeeding with my son, but he was a NICU preemie baby and just wasn’t in the works for him. So I pumped….and pumped….and pumped. My husbands sleep shirts worked great while I pumped and also for lounging/sleeping. My husband’s suggestions: a comfy pillow and blanket. He said hospital pillows were hard to come by and he just felt more comfortable with his own blanket from home. Made him more at ease.

  3. So excited for you Gina, soo much fun ahead! Bring your own comfy socks and slippers, bathrobe, and tennis balls for Cody to run on your back during labor:)

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