How to Measure Weight Loss Success

Raise of hands if you have been guilty of using the scale to determine your success with a diet, eating plan, or food lifestyle change? It’s ok, I have been there too–you aren’t alone, but today you are going to put that behind you and learn to rely on other tools to measure your progress!

Weight is actually my least favorite measurement tool by far. Let’s give the scale one big kiss goodbye! Goodbye enemy or friend (depending on the day). I wish I could say we will miss you but we won’t. Your attitude is fickle; some days you make us feel really good and some days you make us feel like sh*t really bad about ourselves. We have put too much weight (no pun intended) into what you have to say. We hope you don’t miss us; we won’t miss you.

Now that we have parted ways with our old friend, let’s get down to business. My number one favorite way to track physical change is to designate one shirt and one pair of pants that are too snug right now and begin to try them on every two weeks. Do you have a few items you can pull out of your closet right now? I want you to pull them out and hang them in a place that is highly visible to you. Use it as inspiration. Set a bi-weekly reminder in your phone or calendar to remind yourself to try them on. You will be surprised to see how your body tightens and tones as you make positive changes–a scale can’t measure that!

You can also monitor your energy level to help you track progress. A few questions to ask yourself before making changes: Do I experience energy lows throughout the day? Do I get tired in the afternoon? Do I typically need caffeine or sugar to perk myself up? Do I feel the need to take naps throughout the day? Am I so exhausted that I get snappy with loved ones? If you can answer yes to any of those questions, chances are healthier living will lend energy improvements to you. Keeping track of your energy and noticing improvements is a true testament to real change going on inside of your body–take THAT scale!

Another great measurement tool is your strength. “Sun’s out guns out, sista.” As you adopt an exercise regimen you are sure to notice your strength improving. You may find you can run longer, do more reps, lift heavier weights, hold a plank for longer, and keep up better in group fitness classes. When you get your first glimpse of a chiseled bicep in the mirror or experience a runner’s high it is such an esteem-booster. Let’s see a scale build you up like that.

It can be tempting to call up your old friend and invite him/her back into your life but I challenge you to say goodbye for good. Heck, move that scale to the basement, the depths of your closet, or even into the trash. By focusing on how your clothes fit, energy levels improve, and strength increases are much better ways to track your progress. These are the things that make you feel good, fit, and proud. When you feel good, you look good. 🙂 Who doesn’t want that?!

What are your favorite ways to track your progress? Share in the comments section below.

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