You Know Your Pregnant When…

I have been keeping a little list of my pregnancy-isms in the notes section of my phone. I thought you might enjoy reading about some of the funnies that have been going on in my 25-weeks of pregnancy so far. I hope some of you can relate!


You are so hungry you could eat your arm off and you would totally be ok with that. Pregnancy hunger is no joke.

You don’t leave home without at least one five snacks in your purse. Almonds, anyone?

You consider buying stock in organic prune juice. 

The thermostat says 68 but it feels like 86. 

You start ugly crying for no reason. Actually, last time I ugly cried was on our way Up North for the 4th of July weekend and it was for good reason; I thought I ordered a veggie unwich at Jimmy John’s and twenty minutes later when I opened my unwich in the car I realized I ordered the Beach Club, which has turkey on it. These are real problems, people. 

You look down and can no longer see your feet. 

Your new hangout is Babies R Us. I don’t know if it is a good or a bad thing that the employees are starting to know my name. 

You find yourself up until 1 am in the morning adding and subtracting the same item to and from your registry multiple times. Who does this?

You have a new night routine that includes a 3 am trip to the bathroom. 

You have identified every clean public restroom within a 30-mile radius of home. 

You wait and wait and wait to succumb to maternity clothes and then you realize how comfortable they are–you could kick yourself for not wearing them earlier. 

You feel like it’s Christmas (insert your 5-year-old self) when your friends loan you maternity clothes. Literally, the best. Thank you Carrie and Katy – you girls are lifesavers. 

You make bets with your husband on when your innie is going to turn into an outtie. We are getting close, folks. 

Your husband has perfected the juiciest well-done grass-fed burger you have ever eaten. Thank you, Cody. 

You have so much joy in your heart you happy cry… daily. 

You now understand how honest your mom was being when she told you she loved you before you were even born. 

What am I missing, ladies? Comment below if you have anything to add. 🙂 I would love to read about your pregnancy-isms!

Gina Schade

Gina Schade

Gina is a certified health coach and author of The 90/10 Life Cookbook, and director at Beatycounter. She helps her clients create a toxin-free complexion they feel 100% confident in!


  1. Sara D

    If you think you are hungry now, wait until you start nursing! So happy you are enjoying your pregnancy!!

    1. Gina

      I have heard that from others too Sara! I better get my favorites stocked up in the kitchen before the baby comes!

  2. Nicole F

    You stop seeing a distinct difference between your ankles and legs… Cankles are no joke!

    1. Gina

      Lol – this one cracked me up Nicole! I shared it with Cody!

  3. Karen

    My daughter is laughing as she can relate to each comment. God bless!! Try to stay cool..

    1. Gina

      Glad your daughter got a good laugh from it Karen!

  4. Lexy Burke

    Ohhhh your night routine is going to get more active with 2-3 potty trips.. The love you feel is real, wait until baby is here. The end of pregnancy when you feel the baby may just drop out on to the floor! It’s all interesting and all worth every single thing!!! ?

    1. Gina

      Lol Lexy! I feel like even within the past week I have noticed that I am getting up more than once! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  5. Beth Orem

    I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! You have the cutest lil baby bump (maybe not so lil anymore!) and every time I see a photo of you I think of Tammy telling us while en route to Costa Rica about her dream that you were pregnant! And her dream totally came true!! Amazing. I am so excited for your growing family!

    1. Gina

      Thank you for the sweet message Beth! I have to admit, I LOVE being pregnant! It’s so fun. Tammy must have had some sort of intuition going on en route to Costa Rica! I am so glad I was able to go on that trip – it was good for the heart, soul, and mind. Hope all is well with you! 🙂

  6. Amy Knoll

    I never could get enough water! Always thirsty, especially when you start nursing! (Late on reading a few blogs!! Lol)

    1. Gina

      Thanks for sharing Amy Knoll! That darn thirst makes you have to pee even more! Lol

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