Our Trip to Maine!

Cody and I were recently in Maine! It was a part work, part pleasure trip. Luckily for me, my part was more pleasure! Cody had quite a bit of work to do but he still had fun! It was really nice to be able to join him on one of his work trips. It was the first time I have been to that part of the country. It was right up my alley! The small coastal towns we stayed in had lots of character–eclectic shops, unique restaurants, beautiful views, etc. I just loved it.

We were able to pack a lot into our little trip. We actually started off in the Seaport, Boston area and had a chance to visit Quincy Market. I was really excited to see it because Cody has told me so much about it in the past! It is a huge indoor/outdoor market that is full of food and craft vendors. You can literally find any type of cuisine you are looking for! There is so much to look at that we actually walked through it a few different times just to make sure we didn’t miss anything! The picture is a little fuzzy but it’s the best I had.

That first night in Boston, we had an incredible dinner at Del Frisco’s Steakhouse. Don’t ask me why steak sounded so good when we were surrounded by so much fresh seafood, but it did! I don’t know if it was the wine or the environment, but it was one of the best steaks I have ever had! I finished every last bite of my fillet and had no problem helping Cody put a dent in the lobster macaroni and cheese we split for our side dish! Let’s just say that dinner fell into the 10% of the 90/10 life!

From Boston, we moved on to Kennebunkport, ME and we stayed at the Yachtsman. Our hotel was right on the Kennebunkport River, which drains into the Atlantic Ocean. As soon as we got there, we went on a run and the view absolutely was breathtaking. To be at the edge of the country, along the Atlantic coast, is almost ethereal–something out of a storybook. It was amazing to see the waves crashing up over the huge rocks.

In Kennebunkport, we ate dinner at Tia’s Topside. The restaurant is in an old home right in the heart of downtown.We took advantage of the nice weather and sat outside. They have a great patio area that overlooks a lot of the shops and busy sidewalks; it was a good spot for people-watching. I had the Panko-Crusted Seared Ahi Tuna Steak. It was served over tomatoes, kale, and corn with a wasabi aioli and teriyaki glaze–it was the bomb. Cody had lobster, muscles, fries, and corn on the cob. He loved his too!

Before leaving town the next morning, we had a basic, but good breakfast at David’s KPT. I had a bacon, mushroom, spinach, and Gruyere cheese omelette and Cody had Eggs Benedict. We then moved on to Camden, ME.

My favorite hotel of the trip was in Camden. We stayed at a boutique bed and breakfast called Whitehall. The rooms were super modern and fun. The entire bed and breakfast has it’s own funky vibe– I haven’t stayed anywhere else like it. I love finding gems like this.

The in-house restaurant is called Pig + Poet and the menu is designed by Chef Sam Talbot, a previous Top Chef contestant. Cody and I split Raw Oysters and Fried Green Tomatoes for appetizers. I had Fish Tacos for dinner and Cody had Buttermilk Fried Chicken.


The charred tomato salsa, sliced radishes, and cilantro combination on the tacos was awesome–it was fresh and the flavors complimented the fish well! I love trying new combinations of ingredients; I am going to have to try to re-create this at home!

Cody said his chicken was really, really good. He couldn’t decide between a few different options and our server Casey told him he had to try the chicken. You don’t mess with a server that tells you you have to try something–that’s a sure sign it’s good! He even liked the side dish of sweet potatoes topped with kale. The flavor of the side dish was somewhat smokey–really unique and delicous.


On our way out of town, we stopped at Mt. Battie, a scenic overlook in Camden Hills State Park.

We had fun trying to take selfies with a real camera–not quite as easy as with a cell phone, but we managed to get it done!

As we headed to our last stop in Bangor, ME we found Green Tree Coffee and Tea. I was so excited when we passed this place! We actually drove by and I made Cody do a turnaround. There isn’t much I love more in life that a good cup of coffee and a little funky shop. I got a coffee to go that day, a bag of grounds to take home, some Lucy’s granola, and two soy candles! I felt like I hit the lottery.

Not much was happening at our last stop. We actually ate a late lunch that day at Buffalo Wild Wings and then sat outside at our hotel and did some computer work. That night, we watched Shark Tank in the hotel room–love that show–and had Chipotle for dinner. Not too exciting but we had to get up at 4 am for our flight! Yowza!

I had such a fun time in Maine. Even though Cody was doing a lot of work, it was really nice for us to get away and spend time together. We both were looking forward to getting home, which I consider a good thing! There isn’t anything quite like sleeping in your own bed and snuggling with your baby (i.e. dog). We both missed Magic so much while we were gone! Here is a cute pic of him from a recent canoe trip we had! I know, I know, I am one of those crazy dog people, but that’s what happens when your dog is your baby!

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  1. That looks like is was a great trip! Best part u got to go with Cody ! Pics are beautiful and the u two are the cutest couple ever!! Those pics are right out of a nick Sparks book ?

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