How I Became A Dog Person

I will be the first to admit that I didn’t want a dog. I wasn’t a so-called “animal person” and definitely didn’t want to have the responsibility that comes along with dog ownership. Picking up poop? I rest my case.

For years Cody begged me to get a dog. I repeatedly said no and it was almost a joke within our circle of friends. Actually, our friend Jake would bring up the dog subject every so often just to get Cody and I going! Side note, one thing you don’t want to do is get an Italian riled up!

One day a few year back our neighbor rang the doorbell and when we opened the door a cute, not so little (80 lb) dog was sitting there. Our neighbor had the dog for a few days, couldn’t find the owner, and was going around the neighborhood to see if anyone knew who the dog belonged to. My husband immediately told our neighbor that if he couldn’t find the owner by the end of the night that we would hold onto him. I was opposed to this but Cody wasn’t taking no for an answer! Deep down in my heart I knew that he was going to be our dog. We searched for the owners but no one was looking for him.

Cody knew what he was doing because he let me pick the name (Magic), shop for all of the dog supplies, and suggested we take him hiking the first weekend we had him. After all that, how could I let him go?

Slowly but surely, I have become that so-called “animal person.” I never understood how dogs could become a “mans best friend” or how they could bring so much joy into your life and become part of your family until we had Magic. It sounds so silly if you aren’t part of the dog-owner world but they really do become a best friend. He snuggles by my feet when I work in my home-office, keeps me company when Cody is traveling, is a protector when there are strangers around, knows when I am sad or upset, runs errands with me, is a workout buddy when I run, and likes to snuggle on a lazy Sunday. I completely understand why dogs are brought into hospitals and/or extended care facilities to cheer people up–they just make you happy.

This was our first “family” photo! Super fuzzy but gotta stay true to the roots!

He is so human-like he even sits in a chair while I drink my morning coffee!

He makes for one heck of a hiking buddy! This is a picture from an overnight hike that Cody and I did two summers ago in the Manistee National Forest.

He sometimes is naughty. Besides learning how to break out of his cage we have come home from dinner to find him with the trash can lid stuck around his neck!

His cuddling makes up for it.

Who could resist loving this face?

After having Magic, I couldn’t imagine not having a dog! He has enriched my life so much. If you don’t have a dog it may seem crazy that I could write an entire blog post on how much I love him, and if you do have a dog then you totally understand.

Bottom line, dogs give you love. Cody always says, he was put on this Earth just to love us. Cody and I just had a conversation the other week talking about how it was meant to be that he showed up on our doorstep that fateful day!

If I can become an animal-person, anyone can! I think everyone needs a four-legged baby! If you have been thinking about it, your kids are begging you, or you know of a dog that needs adopted, DO IT! You won’t regret it!

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