One Sentence to Change Your Life

Have you ever felt like a victim of the world? Like everyone and everything was conspiring against you?

I know you have been there before. Maybe for a day, a week, or even longer. We all go through “times” when we just feel blah, pissed, mad, sad, or defeated. Well, I want you to try something… a little shift in mindset if you will.

For a moment, think about the following: What if instead of believing that things were happening TO you, they were happening FOR you.

This is powerful.

Repeat after me (out loud): Everything in my life is happening FOR me.

Again: Everything in my life is happening FOR me.

Third time is a charm: Everything in my life is happening FOR me.

When you choose to believe that things happen FOR you, rather than AGAINST you, your world will change.

This can be applied to every single situation in your life. Literally.

Try this exercise: Write down three things in your life that have not gone the way you had envisioned. This can be anything, big or small, work-related or personal, you name it. Then, underneath each item, start writing with your new “FOR me” mindset and outline all of the ways you have adapted, grown, and become stronger from that specific thing or situation.

An example of my own to get you started on yours:

Multiple food photos of mine have been rejected by Foodgawker.

…This is happening FOR me so I can better develop my food photography skills. The more I learn about why certain photos are not accepted, the more I can improve my photography. The more my food photography improves, the more interest I will get in my recipes. The more interest I get in my recipes, the closer I will get to my longterm goal of creating a cookbook…

So you see, a simple example of my own to help you understand how to begin to shift your mindset. When you start to live in the realm of “FOR me” verses “TO me” your world will change.

Our thoughts control our emotions. Our emotions control our actions. Our actions control our lives. Changing your thoughts can change your life.

Choose to believe that things are happening FOR you.

4 thoughts on “One Sentence to Change Your Life”

  1. “FOR me” leaves you feeling motivated to keep trying and to keep moving FORward. “TO me” leaves you feeling discouraged and defeated. Great info and awesome encouragement, Gina! Thanks!!!!

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