Arizona Trip!

We just spent a long weekend in Scottsdale, AZ celebrating our friend’s wedding! A core group of our friends were able to make the trip too so we packed a lot of fun into a short amount of time.

The first full day Cody and I did an ATV tour through the Sonoran Desert. We used Desert Wolf Tours and our guide was Tom–he was super knowledgable about the land. Definitely would recommend doing something like this if you go to AZ. Just FYI, the orange bandanas are to keep the dust out of your face!

The welcome dinner for the wedding guests was at DC Ranch and they had a western theme! Derek and Nicole are foodies and they had a food truck cater the meal. There were truffle deviled eggs with bacon (the groups favorite), fried green tomato sliders, fried chicken over mashed potatoes, shrimp and grits, and a macaroni and cheese with pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich (is this even legal?!). For dessert, there were three different types of ice cream sandwiches you could choose from. I went with the chocolate chip cookie and mint ice cream combo–ahhhmazing. Possibly my favorite thing I ate all weekend!

Those are my friend Cory’s fingers in the background–they were too good to wait for a picture to be snapped.

Group shot. Love our friends.

We had fun taking pictures with the props! I like this pic better than the perfectly posed one!

The wedding itself was at Silverleaf Club and it was so beautiful. Between the Tuscan-themed structure of the building, Nicole and Derek’s decorations (totally Pinterest worthy), and the mountains as the backdrop, you couldn’t ask for a more perfect setting.

Here is a great shot of Derek’s parents. They are the nicest people ever–they treat Cody like a son.

Nicole walking down the staircase.

Nicole and her dad.

Nicole and Derek lighting the unity candle.

Officially Mr. and Mrs. Formsma.

For dinner, they had different stations set up with foods from around the world. My favorite station was “Spain”. There were prawns sautéed in a white wine sauce that were so good! Food blogger fail for not getting pictures of this!

They had The Main Squeeze band play. The Main Squeeze is a funk band from IU that now travels all over the US. Cody and most of his friends went to IU which is how everyone started liking and following them. It was hands down an awesome show and everyone had so much fun dancing.

A few more wedding pics. Girls shot with myself, Sara, Tara, and Brittany.


A picture of Cody and I with my two brothers.

Cody and his mom.

In between all of the wedding festivities we laid by the pool and soaked up the sunshine.

Nicole and Derek put together an amazing weekend for all of their guests to celebrate their wedding. It was a weekend to remember!

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    1. Thanks Katy! Nick was snapping pictures like a mad-man and he was making us laugh so hard! I ended up liking this picture better than the posed ones. lol. We missed you this weekend! Xo

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