Why I love My Wrist

There are three pieces of jewelry that I wear around my wrist almost daily. Each piece means something different to me but all three are as equally important.

While I was in Florida with my parents a few weeks ago, Cody sent me surprise Valentine’s Day gift in the mail. I got the package on Friday but had strict instruction to wait until Saturday to open it. The first thing I did when I woke up, I think even before brushing my teeth or going to the bathroom, was open my present! I was so excited to see a Tiffany’s pearl bracelet. Who doesn’t love opening a little “Tiffany Blue” box?! I own mostly costume jewelry so this was definitely a sweet surprise and something I wouldn’t buy for myself. Cody is good to me like that. I haven’t taken it off since that morning. Cody always says that we are a team and having this bracelet on everyday reminds me of those words and I definitely feel loved when I look at it.

The second piece of jewelry I wear around my wrist is a turquoise-beaded bracelet from Fierce Forward with a charm that says “believe”. I bought this when I was first going through my training at IIN to become a Health Coach. There were supporters but I also had my fair share of doubters, but more importantly than what other people thought, I knew I had to believe in myself. This bracelet is a constant reminder to believe in myself and my dreams. I tell my clients all of the time that if you don’t believe in yourself, no one will. You have to be true to you and follow your heart; this bracelet helps me do that as silly as it may sound.


A new piece of jewelry I wear around my wrist is a Lokai bracelet that was given to me by a new client and friend of mine. The bracelet represents balance. The white bead holds water from the highest point on Earth, Mount Everest, and the black bead holds dirt from the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea. The white bead is suppose to represent your highest times in life and is a reminder to stay humble, the black bead represents your lowest times in life and is a reminder to stay hopeful. The clear beads represent your own story. I just love everything about this message. Life is full of ups and down and twists and turns and remaining hopeful in low times and humble in high times is so important. Balance is key! This was such a thoughtful gift and it is the perfect addition to my other arm candy! Since I have been wearing it, friends have commented that they have one too! Cody liked it so much, I bought him one. Just FYI for you South Benders, they sell them locally at Sorella’s Boutique in Granger!

A visible reminder of the things that I feel passionate about is empowering. Just by looking at the bracelets I feel encouraged. I am constantly reminded that I have a teammate who stands behind me, to always believe in myself, and to focus on remaining balanced!

Doesn’t Magic look a little scared in the pic above? I’m sure it wasn’t the death grip I had on him!

Do you have a piece of jewelry that speaks to you? Comment below if so!

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