What I Did on Vacation!

I am sitting sitting in 65 degree weather (don’t hate me Indiana friends) drinking my coffee outside on my parents lanai in Florida! It has been so nice to get out of dodge for a few days and recharge my batteries. I don’t know what it is, probably a combination of the sun, sleep (averaging like 10.5 hour a night!), no stress, and the comfort of my parents, but I feel so good. I love the feeling of not having to do anything. I am a natural workaholic so being away from the grind is really the only way that I can actually relax.

We haven’t done a whole lot since I have been here and that is exactly how I like it! On vacation, I really like to enjoy little luxuries like lingering over coffee for a few hours in the am, taking walks, napping in the sun, etc. It has honestly just been nice to get some sunshine on my face and not have an agenda! I wish I could bottle up the warm weather and bring it back to Indiana with me! I would definitely share it with you all.

My mom and I spent the first few days lounging by the pool. We are both Kardashian fans (don’t judge) so we were quick to snatch up a People magazine that had Bruce Jenner on the cover! I can’t believe he is becoming a woman. I love catching up on smutty gossip. < Guilty pleasure. 

We have enjoyed a wide-range of food! On vacay, I try to stick to things I would normally eat for breakfast and lunch so I can splurge on dinners, desserts, and drinks! For breakfast, I ate sprouted bread with natural peanut butter and Greek yogurt with fresh berries. Most days for lunch, I had turkey and spinach on a WASA cracker, veggies dipped in hummus, and fresh fruit.

My mom and dad do a lot of cooking at home and we had everything from steak and potatoes to chicken fajita salads. The last night my dad made fried fish and it was oh so good!

There is a local produce market close to their house and we stocked up on a lot of fresh veggies at the beginning of the weekend. I swear, produce from local markets just taste better. You can literally taste the sunshine!

I got a chance to try out a few of B Present Studio’s BARRE ON DEMAND classes while I was here. Being able to do a class anytime, anywhere is awesome! I absolutely love barre class and I was glad I didn’t have to entirely miss my workouts. I could really get use to doing them outside on my parent’s lanai.

We spent some time at Fisherman’s Village on Saturday. It is a cute little area in Punta Gorda right on the water with a mix of shops and restaurants. One of my favorite spots for a cocktail in Fisherman’s Village is at Harpoon Harry’s. We go there at least once every time I visit! You are basically right on the water when you are there! Best scenery in town!

Another favorite spot of mine is the Tiki Bar in downtown Punta Gorda. The Tiki Bar sits right on a big patch of sand by the water, there is always live music, and it gets pretty hoppin’ at happy hour! I am telling you what, the snowbird that come to Florida for the winter know how to party! If this is what retirement is like, I can’t wait to retire! Sign me up for happy hour, golf cart rides, and sunshine!

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous and we took a boat ride to Cabbage Key, an island inside Charlotte Harbor along the Intracoastal Waterway. There is a great little restaurant on the island that is known for their cheeseburgers! The story goes that Jimmy Buffet wrote his famous “Cheeseburger in Paradise” song while he was floating around the islands in that area. You can order your cheeseburger two ways: with coleslaw or with potato salad. My dad and I went for coleslaw and my mom did potato salad! I don’t know if it was the sun or the two Bloody Mary’s but it was a darn good cheeseburger! It hit the spot!

I meant to snap a cheeseburger pic before I started digging in but it looked so good I got too excited and forgot! Ending the weekend with a boat ride to Cabbage Key was just perfect. I absolutely love being on the water.

Three words: BACK. TO. REALITY.!

I am sad to say its over but am looking forwarding to getting back home to see Cody and Magic, my loves!

Even if you can’t get out of town for a long weekend, I encourage you to take time “away” from your normal routine. Maybe it is not making one single plan for the weekend, having a date night, or spending the night at a hotel in town! Removing yourself from your norm is a great way to relax your body and rejuvenate your mind! It is good for the soul!

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