Weekend in Review!

This weekend we became Godparents to Taylor Jean, one of our best friends’ daughter. Cody and Ben have been best friends since grade school. Katy and I used to play soccer together when we were younger, so we have known each other for a long time too. When she started dating Ben, and I started dating Cody, we got reacquainted and have become really close. It was such an honor for them to ask us to be a part of Taylor’s life in this way.

Growing up, I never would have thought that I would want to be living back in Elkhart. I had these grand plans of living out West, teaching English in Thailand (my mom is probably cringing as she reads this), or traveling around the world. Now, hey, not saying I wouldn’t jump at the chance to travel around the world, but you get the gist. As you get older, I guess you realize that it isn’t necessarily the place that is important, but the people who are there, that is.

Both Cody’s and I’s parents and siblings all live here. We have a solid, core group of friends too. Cody and his “high school group” have remained super close for all of these years. I remember when I first started dating Cody, all of his “girl” friends were so nice to me. When you are in your early to mid-twenties that isn’t always the case. They made me feel so welcome and I am glad to say that I am now close to them. It makes both of us happy to know that we have support here and we are glad that we can support and love our family, friends, and friends’ children (yes, talking to you Taylor Jean).

The post-baptism reception was at Lucchese’s in Elkhart, one of our favorite places! We celebrated with homemade wine, good food, and cake in honor of TJ’s baptism and Ben’s 30th birthday!

After the baptism, we relaxed around the house, wrapped some gifts, and Cody’s parents came over for dinner. They picked up BBQ for us and it was nice not to have to cook!

The first half of Sunday wasn’t what I would necessarily call “fun” but I am glad my husband forced, I mean asked me, to help organize the basement. See, I am one of those people that lives in an organized mess, meaning there isn’t really anything organized about it, but I can find anything I want when I need it. He, on the other hand, is very organized and likes things a certain way–I am glad he does, otherwise, we would be in trouble.

The basement has started to accumulate things–lawn furniture, holiday things, garage sale stuff, suitcases, outdoor sports equipment, tires, bikes, etc. Personally, I am still scared of the basement. When I run something down there at night or when Cody is traveling, I drop it off right at the door and then run up the stairs as quick as possible. I don’t know if I think a ghost is going to follow me up or what! I even have thoughts of someone sneaking into the house and setting up camp in our basement–am I nut or what!?! Sounds like I am finding excuses for why the basement looks the way it does, doesn’t it?! Anyways, Cody bought shelves this week and we dedicated time to get our basement life organized.

Here is a before.

Here is my general attitude towards cleaning the basement. Don’t I look like a joy to be cleaning with?!

Here is an after.

I also found a few treasures along the way–helloooo, high school letter jacket.

Sunday afternoon, I went to a surprise bridal shower for our friend Courtney. She is getting married to our friend, Collin, this coming January! The shower was at Antonio’s in Elkhart. She was so surprised! Collin’s family did a nice job hiding the secret; they told her they were going to a work Christmas party! Her parents were in town from California so that made it extra special too!

Now that the weekend is all said and done, it’s sweat pants and Kardashian time!

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  1. I recognize your jewelry that you wore at Courtney’s shower! wink wink

    Sounds like a great weekend! Congrats to you on being god-parents! Say Hi to Ben and Katie for me!

    Congrats to Courtney and Collin, too… what a nice surprise for her indeed!

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