My Physical Therapy Wellness Assessment

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see a Physical Therapist???

I was under the impression people saw Physical Therapists for rehab only for an injury or post-surgery but after meeting Kelley I learned that PT’s offer so much more!

I became acquainted with Kelley through barre class at B Present Studio.  She has over 10 years of experience in the field and started her own practice, Penrose Physical Therapy, about a year ago. She does help clients recover from injuries or surgeries but she also helps people correct imbalances that could lead to future injuries, gain strength and relieve pain related to arthritis or otherwise. Kelley Penrose

I recently saw Kelley for a Wellness Assessment, something she thinks everyone could benefit from. When I arrived to her practice she welcomed me in and went through a set of detailed questions about my medical history, previous injuries and any current issues I was experiencing. Although it was detailed I never felt overwhelmed.

Next, she ran a series of exams from head to toe to check for imbalances and weaknesses. She will gently twist your spine, check limb rotation and check your muscle strength. At one point, I had to laugh because as she told me to resist against her I couldn’t do it! She was testing my glute mead and apparently I need to do some work in the booty area. She also pointed out different areas of my body where one side may be more flexible than another and areas that were tight. For example, my right shoulder is tight which pulls on my scapula and slightly interrupts the normal scapular movement. I found it so interesting as she explained everything she was doing and why.

Don’t get worried! All in all I checked out ok! Kelley prides herself on designing customized programs for each client. She will design a program length and regimen that meets your needs. Her focus is on helping you overcome your imbalances, relieve your pain and heal you injuries as quickly and as comfortably as possible.

After my Wellness Assessment, Kelley emailed me an at-home exercise program. The instructions were clear cut and there were pictures and video options accompanying the directions.

One other great service that Kelley offers is a Pregnancy Program. Kelley has a passion for women’s health and her Pregnancy Program is one of the many female-focused services she offers. The plan includes a full assessment of posture and body mechanics, core and pelvic strength (so important in pregnancy), 2 visits a month with a 30 minutes massage (ummm… awesome!) and information on exercises that are safe to do throughout pregnancy.


A close friend of mine recently enrolled in the Pregnancy Program and she has been super satisfied! I can’t wait until I have a bun in the oven–I will definitely be making her program a part of my pregnancy regimen when the time comes!

If you have any questions–or glute mead suggestions–please feel free to contact me!

You can schedule your appointment with Kelley here.

Remember that wellness encompasses all areas not just diet and nutrition! Proper body alignment, muscle strength and body mechanics all play a role in a happy and healthy you!

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