Thirty One Years Young

I turned the big 3 – 1 this weekend! Time flies and I can beliiieeeve I am in my 30’s! People have been asking, “How does it feel being 31?”, and I am here to tell you it feels great! I feel fortunate to have my health, an awesome husband, and a job as a Health and Wellness Coach that I love!

Speaking of that awesome husband of mine, he took me on a surprise camping trip this weekend for my birthday! He went to Whole Foods and got all of my favorite foods, bought us a good bottle of wine, and planned a few fun adventures. He got us all hooked up with an RPod, one of the towable RV’s that he sells. It was perfect – everything you need and nothing that you don’t!

We had a picnic lunch of turkey, salami, cheese, crackers, hummus, and marinated olives and mushrooms. I love a picnic style lunch and it is perfect for camping.

We spent a few hours lounging around on Saturday. I got to catch up on some of my magazines and even took a short nap!

My brother, Paul, and his girlfriend, Amber, joined us in the late afternoon! They are so relaxed and so much fun to hang out with. When you first meet my brother he comes off a little shy but once you get to know him he is pretty witty and funny. It is so true what people say about your family being the most important people. I love both my brothers and am so glad they are close with Cody and I.

We took a stroll to the “camp barn” to check out the Saturday night karaoke. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sing out loud on my birthday. We made it a group effort and sang “Old Time Rock and Roll” by Bob Segar. This is one of my favorite songs and reminds me of being on my dad’s boat up north on Lake Charlevoix!

We had some more picnic style food for appetizers!

Paul and Cody cooked us ladies dinner on the grill! We had shrimp, chicken, steak, vegetables, and rolls! They don’t mess around – the food was awesome!

The sleeping area in the RPod worked out perfectly for us! Magic wanted to hop up on the bed to join us but he was dirty from having way too much fun! He made some doggie friends, played in the water, and laid in the dirt! Here is a shot of him catching a little afternoon shut eye!


On Sunday, we had coffee around the campfire and headed home late morning. Cody did one more special thing for me this weekend–he joined me at my favorite barre studio, B Present Studio, for a couples date night class! I have to say seeing him all sweaty is a little bit of a turn on! (sorry mom!) Tammy likes to say, “Couples who sweat together, stay together!” and I totally think it’s true!

This was such a fun weekend–definitely a birthday I will never forget! To stay up to date on our future adventures follow me on Facebook at

Happy trails!

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