So many fun things going on this past weekend! I left my good camera at home–party foul–so all of these pics are from my IPhone.

I headed up to the Detroit area to visit some of my best college friends! Katie and Kara were pretty much like sisters to me at Central Michigan. We have had so many fun adventures together and we have always made it a point to stay in contact with one other. College is such a special time of life and the bond you have with your “college friends” is unlike any other bond! I love them!

I stayed with Katie on Friday and we got to catch up over cocktails. It was such a fun, relaxing night. The next morning, she took me paddle boarding on Walled Lake. She is an old pro but it was the first time I had ever done it! It was so much fun and is actually easier than you would think! It is a good core workout too!

Saturday night, the bachelorette party started at Kara’s mom’s house with a Mexican-themed menu. We ate, watched Kara open gifts, and played a few fun games!

Obligatory penis pinata. It was even filled with candy and lube. Oh my.


One of my favorite pics of Katie from the night!

Just couldn’t get a great selfie shot of us! This was the best option if that tells you anything!

A party bus picked us up around 9 and we headed to a salsa dancing bar! It was actually pretty fun! I have never salsa danced before and it was fun getting into it! We hit a few other bars in the Detroit area!

All of Kara’s friends and family are so nice! It was such a fun group of girls and I am looking forward to celebrating her wedding in September!

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  1. Beana!

    It wouldn’t haven’t been a complete celebration without you! I’m so thankful for our friendship thank you for always being there! Great pictures too…. Love you!


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