Bridal Shower Brunch

Friends, champagne, and silly games are all it takes to make a bridal shower a success!

This past weekend we celebrated Kelly’s upcoming wedding with a bridal brunch! Kelly and I have been friends since freshman year of high school. We first met on the soccer field and have been friends ever since! We have spent countless hours sitting in her parents basement watching 90210 and eating cheese, crackers, and pepperoni slices (the life if a high schooler) before soccer practice, tailgating at ND games, and really just navigating high school together. She even stayed with my family for almost an entire summer Up North in Boyne one year. We have really grown up together! She is still the same loving, free-spirited, and inspirational person she has always been! Justin is a lucky man!

With the help of the bridesmaids and some of my other friends, hosting Kelly’s shower was a breeze!

I borrowed some bright linens from my friend, Britt, that she used last year for her wedding! I love all of the bright poppy colors!

Another friend of mine, Kaylee, let me borrow some mason jars that I used as vases for fresh wildflowers! Flowers are the easiest way to dress up a shower! Something about fresh flowers just makes you happy!

A co-worker of mine, Dawn, made me the tissue balls! She claims they are easy to make–I will take her word for it!

My mother-in-law, Robin, let me borrow some vintage drink dispensers! She also gave me some lemon balm from her garden to make lemon-flavored water!

The bridesmaids all pitched in–Aimee made casseroles, Amanda brought muffins, and Carolyn supplied the mimosas! There was also fruit and yogurt parfaits! My mom helped with the desserts and she brought an assortment of cookie bars and lemon bars! Yum!

A shower would not be complete without a game! I asked Kelly’s fiance, Justin, to answer a list of questions about Kelly. Each questions and answer was put into a balloon. Each guest at the party had to sit on the balloon and pop it to get the question out! Kelly had to guess what Justin’s answers were! I have to say, he went pretty deep–we thought maybe he Googled the answers!

All of the girls signed a Champagne bottle for Kelly to take as a keep sake! Maybe they can open it the night of the wedding or on their honey moon (wink, wink!)

Another group shot:

Kelly with her mom:

Kelly and I:

Kelly and Lindsey (long-time friend):

Aimee (long-time friend and bridesmaid) and Carolyn (long-time friend and bridesmaid):

In true Simeri/Schade fashion, the after-party lasted until about 7:30 pm. A few of us girls hung around in the garage (Cody’s favorite room of the house!) and caught up with each other! It isn’t very often we all get to spend time together!

Magic had fun too!


I would definitely say Kelly’s shower was a success and I couldn’t have done it without the helps of others! Now onto the Bachelorette Party and the wedding….

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