Get your booty running… outside!

Happpy Saturday! Yay – it is so nice to finally have NICE weather! I am taking full advantage of the warmer temps and sunshine. Helllooo flip flops!

I went on my first outside run of the year this morning and was reminded of how rejuvenating it is to take your workout outdoors. It makes you feel so good, it is like taking a dose of happy pills.


Rethink the treadmill and get ready to pound some pavement. Here are my top 3 reason for taking your workout outdoors:

1. The View

Does the last 2 minutes of your treadmill run take foreeevvvver? It does for me–kind of like how the last hour of work seems to drag on and on! Running outside takes your mind off of the clock and onto the beautiful surroundings. Plus, I would much rather hear birds chirping than the sound of the treadmill belt.

2. Alone Time

Setting aside time for an outside run gives you a little alone time. Whether you need a break from your kids or just don’t feel like chatting it up with the person next to you at the gym. Most people find that when they do a solo run/walk outside they come up with some of their best ideas. It is time for you to be alone with your thoughts and let your mind wander. How do you think I came up with the idea for this post?

3. No Competition

There is no competition. Even though we try not to compare ourselves to others, we can’t help it sometimes, especially when a super macho dude hops on the treadmill next to you–you can’t let him show you up! The only person you need to worry about when you are running alone is you!

Running outside is pretty much like therapy! A J-Lo quote I have written down in one of my journals is,  “The hardest part of the workout is putting on your shoes.” I have always loved that! It is sometimes hard to get motivated but once you finish your workout you NEVER regret it!

I am fueling up post-run with Greek yogurt, chia seeds, maca powder, ground flaxseeds, raisins, dried coconut, and honey. Just your average breakfast…! The only thing better would be if I was eating it on the beach!

How are you celebrating the warm weather?

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