Why Good Girlfriends Are A Must

One thing I know for sure is that good girlfriends are a MUST.

I visited my bestie, Meghan, this past weekend in Chicago. Our girls weekend did not disappoint–we shopped (a lot), ate (amazing food), and drank (wine)! It was the perfect mix of activities for a girls weekend! It is always so energizing to get out of town, disconnect from the computer, take in the city vibes, and spend quality time with a friend.

On the train into the city, her and I were talking about how friendships begin to change once “adult life” gets rolling into full gear. In your early twenties, you have friends by the handfuls. As friends begin to get married, have children,  and progress in their careers, you begin to lose touch with certain people. Neither person means for this to happen, but it just does–it’s a natural cycle. During these years, you start to realized who your true friends are and how important they are to you. Not that the other ones weren’t good friends, but a true friend is somebody who will be by your side, no matter what comes up. They are deliberate about calling you, they are intentional about being present for important moments, and they make it a point to work on your friendship. Friendships, just like marriages, take work. You must be willing to put time and love into your friendships.

When you and a friend have committed to a true friendship, it is a beautiful thing. There is no greater gift you can offer someone than your friendship. Spending time with Meghan this past weekend, having lunch a few weeks ago with two of my best high school friends, Aimee and Kelly, and recently spending 2 hours on the phone with one of my best college friends, Katie, has been a good reminder of why having good girlfriends is a must.

Why having good girlfriends is a must…

1. They make you LAUGH so hard you could pee your pants. It is amazing how good a true, full-on belly laugh can make you feel. It seriously leaves you on a high for hours after. I love it. Laughter is, seriously, the best medicine!

2. You can be yourself without any judgement. Thank God we can let our guard down around our friends. We can be the crazy, cooky, nuts that we are without any judgement. Friends don’t judge, they support!

3. There is no need for a backstory to the story. This is one of my favorite things about having good friends! Have you ever told a story to someone you don’t know very well and you feel like you have to give them a million little pieces of information so the story makes sense? There is no need to do this with friends–they are living the story with you–they already know all of the little bitty pieces.

4. They inspire you to be your best. Assuming you have surrounded yourself with people whom you aspire to be like, your friends will make you a better person! They want nothing but the best for you and will help you get there! They are your biggest cheerleaders!

5. They help you recognize your faults. True friends will open up to you and tell you when you have disappointed them. This isn’t always fun, but it is part of friendship. Being able to open up to each other and talking things out is a testament to a how good of a friendship you have.

5. They make life worthwhile. What is life without friends?!? Peanut butter without jelly, if you will. Good friends enrich life!

They help you love deeper, laugh louder, and smile bigger.

Gina Schade

Gina Schade

Gina is a certified health coach and author of The 90/10 Life Cookbook, and director at Beatycounter. She helps her clients create a toxin-free complexion they feel 100% confident in!


  1. Aunt shoo

    Love the new look. Very fresh and inviting.

    1. Gina

      Thanks Aunt Shoo!

  2. Michelle

    Good points!! I agree with your aunt, love the new look. I know that took a lot of work. It definitely has paid off!!!

    1. Gina

      Thanks Michelle! I appreciate it! Glad you guys like it!

    2. Gina

      And thanks for being one of those friends Michelle!

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