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Ever start a task with one purpose and end up doing another? Yep, me too. A.D.D.? Maybe, but I like to think of it as more of a universal inspiration you can’t deny! I went to Panera today to study for my IIN program. I was listening to a lecture called “Self Care” by Robert Notter. There is a lot of good information on why self-care is so important. Something he said stopped me in my good-student, note-taking tracks: “Spend time with supportive people.” This is such a simply obvious thing but how many of us do that? I was so inspired by this 5-word sentence that I felt the need to pause studying and write this post immediately!

He refers to negative people as “energy vampires” who suck the life right out of you. This resonates with me because I have been victim to these types of people. They complain about everything, they gossip about other people, and they just drag you down. My friend, Don, use to say “If you gave them a bag of gold, they would complain that it’s heavy.” This saying still makes me laugh! How many of you know somebody like this?

We need to evaluate our friendships, both inside and outside of work, and decipher who it is that brings us up and who it is that drags us down. If you allow those negative ninnies to drag you down, they will. After you take time to separate the positive people from the negative, you must make a conscious choice everyday to surround yourself with the positive ones.

I know there are some work situations that you will encounter where you just can’t completely cut off contact with the energy vampires. In those situation, repeat this mantra to yourself, “I will not let this person bring me down. I am choosing to respond positively and live happy.” You can’t change people; you can only change how you respond to them.

I believe we become the type of person we surround ourselves with. When you put yourself into a force of positive energy it is bound to change you. That energy interacts with your being and then you become inspired to live happy. It creates a ripple effect, because once you adopt the habit of living happy, you will encourage others to do the same. In my profession, I meet women all day long. Sometimes, I meet a patient, who in ten minutes, can change my day for the better. They just radiate happiness and kindness. They are my role models! That is my goal; that is who I want to be. If we ask for the positive energy to come into our lives the universe will deliver.

I challenge you to take time to analyze who is a positive force in your life. Who is it that motivates you to be your best self? Make sure you are spending time with those people that inspire you. Choose the people you spend your time with wisely, for you will become like them! Say goodbye to energy vampires and hello to happiness!

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