Where do you put yourself on your priority list?

Do you have a good relationship with yourself? Funny question, I know… It has probably been a long time since you have been selfish enough to think about what you need to give to yourself to cultivate your own happiness.

For a lot of different reasons people put themselves low on their priority list. We constantly feel the need to please others before ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to foster our relationships with loved ones, spouses, co-workers, and children but we also need to foster our relationships with ourselves. I constantly hear women say that by the time they get done with work, run their kids all over the county for activities, cook dinner, and do housework there just isn’t any “me time” left. Some even feel guilty if they take time for themselves because they could be spending more time with their kids or getting one more work email sent. This way of life may work for a length of time but eventually you will burn out and start to have feelings of resentment.

We must be happy and at peace with ourselves before we can whole-heartedly serve others. What is it that makes you happy? Is it exercise? Coffee with a friend? A home cooked meal? A pedicure? Spending time outdoors? Gardening? Think about the last time you did whatever it is that makes you happy. How did you feel? I am willing to bet you had more energy, felt rejuvenated, and had a feeling of satisfaction. When we allow ourselves to experience this we are able to approach life and our interactions with others with a little more zest!

I challenge you to schedule an appointment THIS WEEK with yourself for one hour. Do not cancel this appointment! If you need to ask for help to get this done, do it. You may be surprised to see that your loved ones will want to help you do this. Maybe it is as simple as asking your spouse to prepare dinner or have the kids help with the laundry so an hour can be freed up for you. Trust me, everyone will survive!

I am excited for you to take time to unplug and indulge in a simple pleasure that rejuvenates you. You must give yourself permission to cultivate a loving relationship with yourself. You are worth it. By honoring your own happiness you will become a better spouse, parent, and friend!

What are you going to do for yourself this week?

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